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De'Longhi showcases Brad Pitt's love for coffee in the new Perfetto campaign

The appliance manufacturer celebrates the best coffee machines and moments in an atmospheric commercial As you inhale the aroma of freshly brewed coffee soon after waking up, know you are taking part in a beloved universal experience.

De'Longhi consumers all over the world find untold comfort in padding into the kitchen to savour a reviving cuppa joe before putting their best game face on for the day. That java jolt chases away the shadows of sleep to rouse the senses and boost everything from mood to metabolism for peak productivity. This stellar coffee experience now meets megawatts of star power as De'Longhi launches a global campaign with new brand ambassador Brad Pitt. The Perfetto: From Bean to Cup campaign celebrates the shared tenets between the award-winning actor and the Italian appliance manufacturer. Known for his performances in Fight Club and the Ocean's Eleven series, as well for producing critically-acclaimed films such as Moneyball and The Big Short, a high-flyer like Pitt cannot run the risk of a lacklustre morning. His sensuousness, joie de vivre, mastery of his chosen industry and ability to surprise in any project align his values with those of De'Longhi, a brand that prides itself on being the best at what it does. The Perfetto campaign takes us into a day in the life of the renowned actor, where we witness his relationship with quality coffee. The camera follows Pitt as he purchases his favourite beans and takes them home to his trusty De'Longhi machine, which tailors the coffee precisely to his preferences. Fellow coffee drinkers will be able to relate to the joy that brightens his face as he sips on the beverage and savours the respite it offers. "Perfetto," he murmurs to himself.

It is an elegant yet edgy clip, comprising 60 seconds of stunning cinematography, angles, lighting, directing and music. And little wonder too, looking at the team that orchestrated this commercial. It was directed by Damien Chazelle, famously known for being the youngest person to win an Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Director, both of which he took home for La La Land. Colleagues from the romantic musical who also worked with him on the Perfetto campaign include Swedish photography director Linus Sandgren, the award-winning cinematographer who was part of the team behind American Hustle, and American film composer Justin Hurwitz, whose original scores and song City of Stars in La La Land scooped up several awards. Celebrated photographer Lachlan Bailey is credited for the campaign images that portray Pitt going about his day with signature savoir faire. Although attaining Pitt's talent and success might be beyond the reach of most of us, you can walk in his shoes in one aspect: the way he kickstarts his day at home. His De'Longhi machine of choice is the Dinamica Plus, a fully automatic one-touch bean-to-cup beauty that produces black and milk-based coffees with precision and consistency. The sleek setup assimilates well into any kitchen setting and pairs clean lines with souped-up technology. The latter includes the integrated conical burr steel grinders for strict grind fineness and the state-of-the-art LatteCrema function that mixes the perfect ratio of milk, steam and air for a decadent velvety froth in white coffees. Active temperature control secures temperature stability for milk texturing and coffee extraction while a variable brewing unit ensures the consistent volume and uniform tamping of coffee through pre-infusion to extract the full aroma. Collectively, these functions bring barista-standard coffee to your home, with the Coffee Link App and My Menu customisation allowing you to save and recreate your favourite style at a touch. And guaranteeing the freshest brews with repeated use could not be simpler. Tubeless technology cleanly deposits coffee grounds from the grinder to the brewing unit to eliminate the chance of contaminating new grounds with the old while the LatteCrema system is equipped with a self-cleaning function for ease of maintenance. Whether you prefer a rich espresso or a thick and creamy milk-based coffee, the Dinamica Plus delivers each and every time. But the perfect coffee is more than just a product. For the connoisseur who takes their beverage with the gravity it deserves, quality coffee is a lifestyle. It is an expression of taste and values that permeates areas of life beyond the cup and the kitchen, the same way Pitt wears his confidence and charisma both on-screen and off-screen. In response, De'Longhi has created a comprehensive ecosystem to support these ideals. Sure, there is its e-commerce store, which purveys the latest generations of bean-to-cup machines. But beyond that, the Italian coffee expert also runs a blog that immerses afficionados in all things coffee. Check it out for tips, trivia, workshops, quizzes and even a virtual lounge with coffee at the heart of it all. Find out more at online store or the lifestyle blog at

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