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" Care4U is a programme , we help investor to take care and monitor portfolio by applying our strategy. "


  • subscriber will receive a list of stock  , which comply our requirement based on their financial situation and sector

  • subscriber will receive updated, summarize and highlighted announcement, news and financial report from our team.

  • we will monitor share price movement and find glad entry and exit point for subscriber based on our golden rule. All buy and sell decision will be make by subscriber

  • subscriber need to watch our video to learn how to manage their fund while investing in stock

  • We are not represent any body, our main concern is wealth of our client. There is no bias when we advice our client


  1. buy on market correction, or heavy sell down

  2. sell when share price spike 

  3. buy back when market take profit

  4. years of good profit report on ROE 

  5. high possibility giving good profit in future

  6. ratio of debt to equity level, good profit margin

  7. good recommendation from fund house

above is our strategy rules, we dont mind to share with everyone, we also hope you will learned even you are not our subscriber. but we believe the most important investing in stock market is the knowledge and your preparation of study a company financial and price movement. This is why you need us.

Subscription FEEs

Subscription fee : RM 100 per month  

*Subscriber must subscribe from year start to year end, no single month is accepted


For more detail, Please Talk to our team for further understand.

Term and condition apply

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