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How to find Stock & Place Buy/Sell order

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Below is RHB official guideline. Please continue read for further understanding

1. Search Stock

To search your company, you need to know the company name in BURSA or the code, example, Malayan Banking Berhad is MAYBANK and 1155.

To get the name and code, You can just found it from Google. Then You are able to search your stock as below

2. Buy/Sell Price

Since you found your company, you can place your order, but at what price? you can see it from QUEUE as below

3. Queue

If you are planing to buy/sell a stock, you are waiting "someone" to sell or buy from you. Queue is the quantity that you can see NOW who is waiting to buy and sell.

Now There is "someone" waiting to

1. Buy 700 unit at RM 7.67

2. Sell 51000 unit sell at 7.68

if you wish to BUY it NOW! you can place order RM 7.68 to buy MAYBANK (as below) from the 51000 unit (someone ready to sell it now).

But if you wish to get cheaper price, you can put price of RM 7.67or below, and wait together with the 700 unit or the rest and wait for impatient seller to sell it for you...

4. Quantity

Right after you confirm your price, next is how much you wish to buy, so How to calculate the quantity

1 lot = 100 unit of share.

Minimum buy is 1 lot. In the Box above, "Qty" the number to put is the UNIT OF SHARE, min is 100 unit.

Example above i have place a 1000 unit of MAYBANK's share. So the total gross purchase is 1000 unit x RM 7.68 = RM 7680 (exclude brokerage)

Then you may click the BUY button, and you can check your order status as below

Even though i didnt buy any MAYBANK, this is just a tour to teach you how to check your order, in case your order is reject or you have key in wrongly. if your order is completed then it will be shown as above.

If it is rejected then it is show as below and check the reason of rejection.

The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.”

We hope you can get a rough idea of how to buy/sell stock thru RHB tradesmart. if you still need more guidelines, you may subscribe or contact for our personal trainer at "TRAINER". This will fasten your knowledge and get you onboard.

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