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Structure Warrant

Malaysian government imposed the MCO on March 18, 2020, and it lasted for eight weeks. This was then followed by the Conditional Movement Control Order starting on May 4, followed by the Recovery Movement Control Order on June 10, which will continue until DEC 31.

Although previously not involved in healthcare-related sectors, many companies have leveraged their technological know-how and core competencies to manufacture products that are currently in high demand — gloves, face masks, personal protective equipment, hospital beds and respirators, among others.

The surge in demand for these products has been rewarding, as a look at the capital appreciation of these stocks reveal. Of the more than 900 companies listed on the Main and ACE Markets of Bursa Malaysia, 24 have seen their share price cross the RM1 mark and move out of the “penny stock” category (as at Aug 4).

However, in the pandemic market condition, Glove's structure warrant become one of the retail favourite. Warrant provided better profit with lesser capital invested. Below is some knowledge you need to know, before invest

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Back to Basic : What effective gearing tell you

Back to Basic : Tailoring sensitivity to your investment strategy

What is call and put warrant

What to note about put warrant

What if a share having share bonus issue, what it will affect warrant

Kossan Price metrix

If it’s too deep in money or too out of money, it wont show sensitivity and gearing. Because too deep in the money warrants tend to be more expensive n the gearing tends to be quite low. On the other hand, out of money warrants tend to be highly geared n may be more risky. So we tend to increase the ask price to alert investors to be caution when it comes to this sort of warrant

Exercise price 5.85 when now kossan mother already more than 15 ringgit. This is very deep in money meaning the current mother share price is way above the exercise price.

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